Why Experience Matters in Choosing the Right Tree Service

It can be tempting to hire a tree service based on who offers the best price, but when it comes to work that can be dangerous for both the employees and for your home, choosing a company with the most experience should be a priority. Services who can charge cheap rates often do not have the experience or equipment necessary to get a job done, and get it done well. Prior experience is the best asset a tree removal service can offer, and gives them unparalleled advantage in speed, efficiency and customer service.


A company with more experience is likely to have the means to take care of their employees and their customers, beyond just providing a basic service. Having uniforms, business cards and an easy to navigate website is an indication that a company has been around for a while and knows the value of professionalism. You are much more likely to encounter great customer service and friendly employees if a company has a lot of prior experience with trees.

Speed and accuracy

If you hire a tree service company with little to no experience, you may be in for a long and potentially dangerous ride. Companies that have been trained and have many years of experience can remove trees with precision and speed, taking up less of your time and leading to less money out of your pocket. Services that don’t know what they’re doing may take days to do a few hours of work, or be more prone to accidents that could cost you big. Services with less experience are also more likely to make mistakes that could damage the integrity of your home and property in the long run.


Well-established companies are more likely to have the resources to have the insurance necessary to keep clients from liability. Inexperienced businesses may think they can get away with not having worker’s compensation or auto insurance, but this is not the case. Having general insurance is not going to protect the client or the service from serious financial trouble if an accident occurred on the job. Though worker’s comp can be an expensive insurance to maintain, it is worth it in the end if a company has little assets or cash to help pay the medical bills and lost wages, in addition to equipment repair or repairs to your home. Though it may protect their clients from liability, a tree service worth their salt will know that proper insurance can also keep a company from going under.

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