When Do I Need a Tree Removal Service?

Trees provide so many wonderful benefits.  They give us shade on hot days, delight us with their beauty, and children love to play underneath them.  That being said, sometimes even the best of trees gave to be removed from our properties.  Here are a few reasons why you might call a tree removal service:

1)  After a Storm:  A lot of deciduous trees split after a prolonged ice storm.  Hurricanes, tornados and other sever weather can break and even uproot trees, leaving trees scattered all over the yard or fallen over.

2)  Clear Land for Building:  If you are building a new house or just adding an addition, existing trees might get in the way of your plans.  A good tree removal service will not just cut down the trees for you, but also clear the stumps, so you have an open path for building.

3)  Infected Trees:  Both very young and very old trees can be susceptible to disease. Trees can also die young when certain animals damage the trees, such as woodpeckers and beetles.  These trees many times are unable to be saved and will need to be removed.

4)  Remove Eyesores:  Some trees have lost their original glory and just don’t look that great anymore.  A good way to add value to your property is by removing these eyesores.

5)  Avoid Sap and Falling Leaves:  Certain trees leave sap or falling leaves on cars, the ground, and other places.

If you’re looking for an excellent tree removal service, contact Case Mountain Tree Service for all your tree removal needs.

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