Fixing Tree Problems from a Neighbors Property

We spend lots of time creating blog posts and newsletters about how to take care of your own trees. But, what’s the process when the problem is emanating from a neighboring property?

This can be a sticky situation. However, we assure you that after  years in the tree  removal business, the large majority of our clients are able to work it out with their neighbors – even the “sticky” ones.

Throughout the year, we receive calls from clients who are worried about a tree on their neighbor’s property. We’re always happy to come out and perform a tree inspection.

Tips for Dealing With a Problem Tree on Neighboring Property

Here are our suggestions for dealing with a problem tree that’s planted on a neighbor’s property.

Review your property deed. First, make sure the trees you’re planning to deal with are truly on your side of the property line, keeping in mind that fences don’t mean much. Review your property deed to verify exactly where your property lines are located. Fences are often built further on one side or the other and that can become an issue – – if there’s an issue.

Talk to your neighbor. Of course, open communication and a friendly conversation should always be the next step in the process. If you feel more comfortable with a little professional information on your side, contact a tree removal form to evaluate the situation. We can write a letter, complete with our findings and recommendations, on professional letterhead so you can show it to your neighbor as proof of your concern(s).

While it’s common to have an “issue” with a neighbor tree encroaching or having a negative impact on your property, it’s NOT common to take matters into your own hands. Give Case Mountain Tree Service a call and we’ll be happy to help resolve things.

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