Need A Big Tree Removed? 3 Questions to Ask Any Tree Service

Facing the reality of large tree removal is not an investment that a property owner looks forward to (yes, tree maintenance is an investment–in equity, as well as risk and liability reduction). Well, can you blame them? Large tree removal can be complex, starting with the confusion of obtaining multiple quotes of which some include certain things but don’t include others, forcing you to compare apples to oranges for, what seemed to be, a simple job of felling a tree.

When it comes to large tree removal, there are three questions you should always ask any tree service:

  1. Are all your on-site workers on your payroll, insured to do the job at hand and CAN YOU PROVE IT? Knowing this can arm you with competitive information when comparing bids. If there are workers on your property who are not properly insured by their employer, guess who is liable if they are injured? Yep! You.

It’s more of a crucial question to ask when removing a big tree, as opposed to a shrub that any local landscaper could remove.

  1. Can you protect my landscaping from damage? The answer to this question will tell you whether you are working with a professional tree service or a company without proper training and equipment to do a stellar job without touching your beautiful landscape.

Any quality professional tree service should be able to show you video or photos of their felling techniques and know-how.

The more professional the tree company (not always the chain brand!), the wiser your investment will be into your trees, especially the big ones.

  1. Can you chop the tree into firewood afterward? Your tree is your property and should be yours to do with what you wish. The reason you are asking this question is to learn if the tree service has the equipment to satisfy your needs.

It may cost a little more, but should not be a problem for a tree service to bring a log splitter along and accommodate that request.

Truth be told, we could have listed 25 questions for you to ask but we hope this arms you with enough information to know that when you call a tree service company for a quote on removing a large tree (or several, as the case may be), you have some helpful guidelines as a starting point.

If you’d like a quote from Case Mountain Tree Service for large tree removals give us a call today!

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