Is it Safe to Take on Hazardous Tree Removal in Winter?

Winter brings severe conditions across the Northeast, and tackling an outdoor project such as hazardous tree removal can be daunting. But winter creates many of the conditions that demand this particular task, and finding an experienced tree removal service to get the job done is the wisest course of action.

What Conditions Create the Need for Hazardous Tree Removal?

Extreme temperatures, cold winds and heavy snow affect more than our comfort and driving conditions — they may also do serious damage to the trees on and around your property. Watch for these signs of potential hazards:

  • Heavy snow on branches of any size, especially when those branches overhang power lines or stand near utility poles
  • Ice-covered branches of any size
  • Weakened or diseased branches exposed to windy areas or other harsh weather conditions (such as ice, hail or heavy snow)
  • Brittle or cracked branches that may further weaken or break from extreme cold (which may happen even without the weight of snow or ice)

What Can You Do to Reduce the Risk?

Keep a close watch on your trees during winter storms and throughout periods of extremely cold temperatures. Note any changes to the shape or condition of your trees, and call on the pros at the first sign of a problem.

Your tree service professional may want to inspect the tree before recommending a course of action, but timing is very important no matter what. The sooner you bring in the experts to tackle hazardous tree removal, the sooner your property becomes safe again.

Tree service companies have equipment to handle winter hazardous tree removal, and the training necessary to complete the job safely. Trust their recommendations and expertise if you spot a problem with your trees this winter. For all your winter tree removal needs, call Case Mountain Tree Service.

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